Meeting between Antoni Bassas and Abadal wines

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Meeting between Antoni Bassas and Abadal wines

Club TR3SC has organised a new cycle of conversations for its associates as part of its “Vis à Vis” campaign. And, on this occasion, Abadal was present with Antoni Bassas, a renowned and prestigious journalist, the correspondent for Televisió de Catalunya in Washington DC and currently editor of the newspaper “Ara”.

Attending this gathering, which was held at the European Museum of Modern Art on 23 January, was Abadal’s oenologist Miquel Palau, who presented 3 wines (Abadal Picapoll, Abadal Cabernet Franc and Abadal 3.9) while a conversation was held between Antoni Bassas and the participants, moderated by the director of Club TR3SC, Miquel Curanta.

This event was a resounding success as all the tickets were sold out just a few hours after going on sale. For this reason, the organisation offered more tickets later on to cater for all those interested.




January 27th, 2014|Abadal|