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Like a mirror, our wines reflect the wooded landscape that surrounds us, the spirit of our terroir and centuries of a family’s passion for wine that live on in its innovative character. Our wines are a blend of past, present and future.

Each of our wines has a story to tell, and each one is unique with an identity and personality of its own.

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Once you reflect on Abadal’s philosophy, the first wines you will discover are Abadal Franc, Abadal Blanc and Abadal Rosat. These wines are a revelation; they embody a perfect blend of the local personality of the Bages region and its local varieties, with varieties from all over the world that have adapted well to the area. This combination of varieties gives these wines a unique identity.

Abadal Blanc
Abadal Rosat
Abadal Franc
Abadal Matís
Abadal Picapoll
Abadal Mandó


Since Abadal was founded, we have worked on recovering local varieties from the Bages region in a bid to reflect the identity of the terroir and express its uniqueness in our wines. Abadal Picapoll and Abadal Mandó are two clear examples of 100% local grape varietals that we have brought back to life. Both of these wines are fresh, expressive and elegant. They represent the spirit of our winery. Another example is the wine Abadal Matís which combines the Mandó local variety with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Abadal Matís
Abadal Picapoll
Abadal Mandó


Our vineyard terraces are laid out on different levels and are nourished by limestone soil on red clay which enriches the nuances of our wines. Abadal 5 Merlot and Abadal 3.9 express the identity of the terroir with elegance, which is also characterized by the contrasts of a Mediterranean microclimate with a strong continental influence. These wines are a pure expression of terroir.

Abadal 5 Merlot
Abadal 3.9
Abadal Nuat


In our search for purity in our wines, and in our mission to stay true to Bages’ unique personality, at Abadal we use fruit from the best vineyards on our estate and we combine traditional winemaking techniques with avant-garde concepts. Abadal Nuat comes from a vineyard which is over 60 years old, and it is made by following a unique process with lees. The result is an authentic, expressive and elegant wine. It is an iconic wine.

Abadal Nuat

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